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The readers of Magical Casino are not required to log in or register in order to access its informative and entertaining material. Our team utilizes statistics-gathering tools, which enables us to generate more relevant and targeted material for our users. As a result, data may be collected from your device and browser.

This personal information may include any or all of the following:

Your nation of origin
Your location when viewing our website
The type of device you are using to view our website
The operating system installed on your device.
Your IP address is used to retrieve data pertaining to your country of origin and location. Device and operating system data are automatically provided by your device when you browse the web. This is routine procedure for the majority of websites on the Internet and should not cause anxiety.

We would like to inform our readers that we will not send promotional or marketing emails to anyone who contacts us via email. We will only use your email address to respond to any inquiries or concerns you may have raised.

The same is true for any communications initiated by our readers via our website's contact form.


How We Process Any Personal Data


Your personal information is used for's legitimate interests. This consists of:

Analyzing supplied data to enhance the quality and content of our website in order to directly answer customer preferences, interests, and questions. This is for the benefit of our readers' experience and service.
Depending on the location from which a user accesses one of our webpages, the content of our articles is modified to provide readers with the most relevant information.
Exercising any legal rights or responsibilities to which we are entitled or accountable.
All of the foregoing is contingent on your acceptance of our usage of cookies. Your consent is granted via an informative banner displayed when you visit any of our webpages.


Sharing of Personal Data


Your personal information may be shared with businesses or organizations whose services we utilize. This includes our domain providers, among others. In addition, information acquired via cookies is processed by Google Analytics, which are data processing tools that assist us in achieving the aforementioned objectives.


Data Retention


We will retain your data for as long as it is necessary to meet the Section 3 purposes. When your personal information is no longer required, it is erased in a secure and confidential manner.


Cookies Policy


This Cookies Policy describes what Cookies are and how We utilize them. You should read this policy in order to understand the types of cookies we use and the information we collect using cookies, as well as how we utilize that information.

Cookies normally do not contain information that directly identifies a user, but we may link personal information that we maintain about You to information contained in and obtained from Cookies. See our Privacy Policy for more information on how We use, store, and protect your personal information.

We do not keep sensitive personal information such as mailing addresses, account passwords, etc. in the Cookies that We employ.


Interpretation and Definitions


The following conditions describe the meanings of the words whose beginning letters are capitalized:

The following definitions shall have the same meaning whether they are written in the singular or plural.

In accordance with our Cookies Policy:

Company is
You refers to the individual who accesses or uses the Website, or the company or other legal organization on whose behalf that individual accesses or uses the Website.
Cookies are little files that are deposited on your computer, mobile device, or other device by a website. These cookies contain, among other information, your browsing history on that website.
Website refers to, which may be accessed at
Utilization of Cookies


Type of Cookies We Use


There are "Persistent" and "Session" cookies. Persistent Cookies remain on your computer or mobile device when you go offline, but Session Cookies are removed when you close your web browser.

For the purposes described below, we employ both session and persistent cookies.

Required / Important Cookies

Session-based cookies

Who administers: Us

Purpose: These Cookies are required to provide You with access to the Website's services and to use certain of its features. They aid in authenticating users and preventing fraudulent account use. Without these Cookies, we cannot deliver the services that You have requested, and we only use them to perform those services.

Performance Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Who administers: Us

These Cookies allow us to remember the choices You make when using the Website, such as your login information or preferred language. The objective of using Cookies is to give you with a more personalized experience and prevent you from having to re-enter your settings each time you visit the Website.

Your Options Concerning Cookies
If You wish to avoid the use of Cookies on the Website, You must first disable the usage of Cookies in your browser and then erase the Cookies related with this website that have been saved in your browser. You may activate this option at any moment to prohibit the use of Cookies.

If You do not accept Our Cookies, Your usage of the Website may be hindered and certain features may not operate as intended.

If you wish to delete Cookies or teach your web browser to delete or reject Cookies, please refer to the help pages of your web browser.